Andy Dorner

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The trendy and “fresh” young people, full of beans acting cycle Acrobat, steadily increases its performance and working hard on himself and his Form. He is not, but motivated to always “s new.” Tirelessly just… Andy Dorner, one of the top people in Powerlifting, one with the absolute will to peak performance. He presses 421 kg squat in the discipline. Inconceivable for the normal athletes.

He has not earned Dr. Bein – name. The sympathetic exception sportsman seamlessly in the number of extreme sports. Whether professional snooker player, motor sports (outside of the formula 1 circus), etc. – they are all elite athletes, who every day must fight for themselves and their sport. May also be there numerous events such as the Bavarian Highlandgames or the intended participation of a German sailor on the Vendee Globe 2012, and many more.

All these athletes and all these sporting events are moving outside of the mainstream. They are not surefire, but they must be professionally managed and pushed to get a secure existence on the economic side. An economic crisis there certainly many opportunities on both sides. Who today organized and properly positioned in the market, which has the edge in better times ahead. Exactly the time is now, where a market correction takes place. Companies and agencies will disappear, new companies and agencies etc. With the right strategy and the right network, and also courage to new and unusual ways, done the first step in the right direction. Profiling, analysis, strategy and implementation should be carried out consistently and in a high quality way and implemented. Then or just a chance to succeed even in bad economic times is foreseeable. We serve a large portfolio and trend – and adventurers, as well as events in this area. Our work extends far beyond the normal business of sponsorship. About our agency, workshops, autograph sessions and PR actions can be booked only a fraction and an example to represent our range of products. We see ourselves as independent service provider who fully supported the concerned athlete and a requesting company extraordinary variety of possibilities can offer. (On athletes and entrepreneurs page) be interested in professional service or but also the sport sponsorship in the trend and extreme sports area as you contact us. We leave no stone unturned and take seriously the most unusual ideas – our methods are not always the norm – we adapt to the needs of our clients. Our motto is “Together in the right direction”. We offer the exceptional: – the all-round service provider in the trend and extreme sports area. We are a company that moves completely in the trend, extreme, and combat sports area. Our offers include sale of combat sports, the operation of a multimedia Web site, the art of organizing martial arts seminars also the promotion of events, coaching and sponsorship of fighters, fashion and extreme sports. StrikezoneDortmund Kirsten Mach at the San Gil 67 0231 / 759375 Germany

The Vendor GmbH Creates New Jobs In Ratingen

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Dutch group opens German market in Ratingen. Despite the economic crisis, expanding the vendor GmbH and opened its first branch in Germany in January 2010. Vendor headquartered in Tilburg, Netherlands, already employs 250 staff. Running at full speed”interviews, so Germany sales director Larry Leichsenring. But long since not all places are occupied, still, we are looking for qualified personnel for our vendor services team.” Ratingen is just perfect for us as a business location with best transport links”. The infrastructure must be the primary. This is the case in Ratingen with connections to the airport and motorways. We have also already staff who come from the Ruhr area but also from Cologne and Dusseldorf.

To the headquarter of Tilburg are also not far.” Vendor is a specialist for comprehensive hygiene. Since 1961, the company develops innovative solutions for public washrooms. As a supplier of dispensers, consumables and Hygiene services managed vendor and corporate clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Vendor provides hygiene concepts in more than 30 countries. Equipment and consumables are developed under its own management in accordance with ISO 9001 and produced.

Regional service portfolios, vendor supplied every day many thousands of customers with reliable services. press contact: PUBLIC Agency for communication & PR Melanie Schrader TUNE Rauf str. 115, 40233 Dusseldorf Tel. 0211 / 59815-159 fax 0211 / 59815-160 E-Mail

Escort Report CeBIT 2010 In Hannover, Germany – Escort Service For The Discerning

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As a leading escort service in Hanover, Virgin international escort convinced during the CeBIT with highest quality standards. On March 2, 2010, the CeBIT in Hannover opens its doors. The world’s most important trade fair for the digital industry, annually attracting a flow of tourists in the capital of Lower Saxony. Each global IT company that holds something of himself, will be represented this year at CeBIT. Hanover blooms during the fair to a metropolis. Business professionals of all industries, employees of from well-known companies and visitors looking for a pastime after the end of the exhibition.

Not infrequently, the evening in one of the many erotic ends clubs. The use of escort services, where you can order beautiful escort ladies discreetly on the hotel room is particularly interesting for the modern and sophisticated gentlemen. As a leading escort service in Hanover convinced Virgin international escort with highest quality standards. Absolute discretion and incomparable and excellent services are Trademark of the Agency. If a passionate rendezvous for two, a business or private accompaniment to any occasion or exclusive Escortreisen to the preferred destination of the customers Virgin international to satisfy. Particular attention is paid on the individual erotic preferences of the customers. Every lady, the Virgin International presented, meets the highest requirements. Not only beauty, charm and sex appeal, but also values such as education and level are essential and very important for the Agency.

The customer finds exactly the accompaniment which he looks at Virgin-international. By telephone, also short-term booking requests outside of service hours are possible. Managing Director Andreas H. commented: reliability and charming escort models are for us of the utmost importance and the secret of our success in the escort service. We currently offer a special to the CeBIT, the world’s leading trade fair for the digital industry, which will take place from 2nd to 6th March 2010, the business customers Offer: For reservations of more than 3 hours of the customer will receive a bottle of the finest champagne free. Mrs. Angela Miller advises the customers every day from 11 to 10: 00 (on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight) and accepts his wishes. “Whether by phone or by email: Virgin international escort reliably and discreetly all requirements of the customers.” Virgin international escort presents its charming escort ladies on his homepage and there are also detailed information about each lady next to photos. Contact: Email: or hotline +49-(0)151-232 11 577 Angela Miller

Protestant Church

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Fairness I should add, make everyone else too of course. Maybe the CDU should mark the date still simply the C outsourcing measure from their name. Then at least honest, wouldn’t it? But back to Kassmann. Christianity (I must not lead to think more, everyone knows the religious phrases, they are similar in all major world religions) occurs mostly at the end of her speech. So, she talks a lot about different, what is much more important than their religious content, but never can be disregarded, to point out that she is the head of the Evangelical Church, all their wise words finally stand for nothing else than the Lutheran Church itself in tactically clever moments. This is about as smart as the change of image of McDonald’s in early 2000, where it decided to sell continues to culinary vandalism under the guise of the image of health euphoria.

Margot Kassmann is what must now be every to be successful in a top position: it is a modern business woman. This distinguishes it not a Guido Westerwelle, an Ackermann or an Angela Merkel. One must at their pungent person monopoly already wonder why the Evangelical Church does not finally admits a ultra Protestantism: everyone to believe as he wants. Christianity needs no leader, everything else is human delusions of grandeur. The answer is of course obvious: without the goal-oriented structure, which is also the core of the cohesion of the Protestant Church, she would not succeed. Now the Kassmann so drank, and I have this impression of Germany at least pleased. It is open-hearted gloating that a moral high ground is not better than the society that spawned him.

The utopia that it promises, is doomed to fail smallest common denominator: their own person. It is me, to criticize them, but I’m still never drunk driving car and tried, however, already more than alcohol. Of course, can We now raise your index finger and say: she have can drive someone dead. The reactions are much more important after such a scandal: as always involves an immense loss of faith. As in the Huber case an individual must serve now the head not to jeopardize the whole picture, because individual failure is obviously not the failure of the Protestant Church. In case of Kassmann, that’s easy: she themselves must put the head in the noose, it even has different abilities. She can not say: my Secretary is drunk driving. I think you even your sorry that as prostitutes caught with as sorry a VW Board Member, to be: it hurts the image of the company, and this tiny realization can degenerate into each yet so seriously offering admission of guilt to hollow phrases. Might it very refreshing, if she would just admit how it happened? That it also times good, is a pure to tilt, and it just, to at least one evening long to be slightly better on it. But that would be a too-hot iron even for Afghanistanmargot. Finally go to the own dirty linen. In the end remains the important insight that Margot Kassmann must live under the same constraints and above all work, like everyone else, and that even their personal God is not up to these constraints.


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Jury Neu-Isenburg, is convinced of the power of innovation of the service catalogs 1 March 2010 the new Isenburg was company Matrix42 today by the jury for the IT Innovation Prize 2010 “nomination. Thus, the Matrix42 service catalog is one of the three best software solutions in the area of IT service”and could prevail against renowned competitors. The final category winners will be announced on 4 March at the CeBIT during a festive award ceremony. Total companies took part in the competition less than 2000. We are convinced that IT must contribute value to the success of every company. All IT activities are to align the user requirements to be realized quickly, inexpensively and easily. The users experienced this principle every day at the big shopping or music portals.

IT must be so easy. Our service catalog with all its automation lays the Foundation for this and is the centerpiece of our IT-commerce approach to run IT like a business, “explains Jochen Hidy, CTO Matrix42. We therefore very pleased that the service catalog was nominated.” Service at its best in the modern IT-commerce the Matrix42 service catalog is a central function: here, every employee of a company in a self-service portal to all IT services can access and order them in an online shop. Once he has activated the order, an automated approval process is initiated. Then the automatic delivery. This means that, for example, a requested and approved software is installed automatically within minutes at the user and booked on the corresponding cost center.

Press contact-Schmidt Communications GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 E-mail: Matrix42 Matrix42 is the German market leader for IT-commerce. The solution portfolio from Matrix42 IT managers and administrators to perform optimally and cost-effectively their IT management. Set the highly integrative products both service management, i.e. the economic illustration of IT service orders, and the technical implementation of client lifecycle management tasks to. Over 3 million clients in use are more than 1500 customers worldwide. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008, Matrix42 is a company of the Asseco group, which is among the largest European software companies with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros.

Junior Javelin Thrower

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A testing of the German Javelin squad took place at the headquarters of the German University of prevention and health management and the BSA-Akademie in Saarbrucken, health tests and info event at its headquarters in Saarbrucken on Friday, January 22, 2010. This was done in the context of extensive testing in collaboration with the national sports school of the Saarland and the Sports Science Institute in Saarbrucken, Germany. Among the participants were included Matthias De Zordo U20 European Championships 2007, and Alexander Vieweg, U23 European Champion 2007. Boris Henry, former Javelin thrower, Bachelor in economics of fitness and current Javelin national coach, was in the testing on the grounds of Hermann Neuberger sports schools on-site. In the framework of the testing the athletes from the A/B – and C-Squad about their career prospects in the future market were informed prevention, fitness, and health: of the 50 State-approved and part-time qualifications at the BSA Academy to recognised the international Bachelor’s and master’s degree at the German College. In the headquarters of the German University of prevention and health management and their sister company, the BSA-Akademie, a testing of the German Javelin squad took place on Friday, January 22, 2010.

National coach, who was even with the testing in Saarbrucken on the spot testing of Boris Henry, former Javelin thrower and Javelin throw was initiated. Boris Henry graduated from the German University recently with the academic degree Bachelor of Arts\”towards the study of fitness economy down. Among the tested Javelin launchers were among others also Matthias De Zordo, U20 Championship and Alexander Vieweg, U23 European champion. An overall picture of the individual health of individual athletes is designed by selected tests. So, any responsive can be detected early and offset by training. At the same time, a targeted health care from that level of power production is interesting: because it ensures a consistently high level of performance through the reduction of injury-related downtimes.

New Yoga Therapy Course

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The programme is unique in Europe. It enables after completion to yoga classes (individual and group lessons) in the educational, social, nursing or medical field. European College of Yoga and therapy in the south Harz level starting this year II of the new course in yoga therapy / benefit health education (registered trademark). For more than 10 years, yoga teachers can visit here multi-part specialist training in the field of Yoga for health and healing. This professional training make level I of the new multiannual programme of Yoga therapy, which includes three levels total. The programme is unique in Europe. At its end, the certificate is BenefitGesundheitspadagoge (registered trademark) in the field of Yoga therapy or BenefitYoga (registered trademark)-Therapeut with a corresponding medical basic profession. The participants will obtain the knowledge, the depth in the personal practice and expertise, to work professionally and safely with BenefitYoga therapy.

“BenefitYoga therapy is a far more comprehensive than the treatment Symptom, such as a sore shoulder or a blocked hip”, explains Dr. Daya Mullins, founder and Director of the European College of Yoga and therapy. “The students will learn to identify attitudes and patterns of physical, emotional and mental level and work with. We arrange an individual therapeutic yoga practice that supports the patients therein, to identify disease-promoting patterns and health care to convert. So, deep and sustainable healing processes can be used.

While the breath as an integral force plays an outstanding role.” The course is aimed at teachers with teaching experience who want to expand their knowledge and their understanding of Yoga and other people on their way to better health and inner balance through yoga. It enables social, nursing or medical field, individual tuition or individual Yoga therapy sessions and yoga classes for specific after completion to yoga classes in the educational, Target groups and topics in the context of educational or therapeutic. Level I of the programme begins again on April 15, 2010. The next Yoga teaching training at the European College of Yoga and therapy starts at the 14.9.2010. further information can obtained are from the European College of Yoga and therapy, 37345 Gerode,,, Tel.: 0049-(0)36072-8200.

Heinrich College

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On Saturday, March 9, 2013 SRH will host College for logistics and economy Hamm their annual Open University Day, the day of the open door. On Saturday, March 9, 2013 SRH will host College for logistics and economy Hamm their annual Open University Day, the day of the open door. In the time from 10: 00 15:00 lectures to the range of services, programmes and models and funding opportunities await then in College in the Heinrich-by Kleist Forum. Impulse lectures, practical exercises, actions and a small programme round off the event. We want to introduce us to the future graduates and all other prospective students and show what we can,”said Managing Director Steffen Bruckner. Last year they have have to make campaign a working day as the day of the event for koordinatorischen reasons of the SRH group-wide brainwaves, so Bruckner. Now we present ourselves on a Saturday and would be pleased If the young people would bring their parents. These should be just as convinced of our range of services, such as the students themselves.” As in the last year can companies participate preferably in the areas of economy, energy and logistics on the day of the open door with its own stand and introduce themselves with their range of services.

On this day with high school seniors in the conversation is possible to come, to start the dual degree may together for the coming winter semester”, Opitz said. Our dual model offers the opportunity to integrate students from the very beginning itself and to recruit highly skilled professionals.” With this model, the students is 50% of the SRH involved College and 50% in the company. We also offer our distance learning model, the possibility of further education of employees”, so next Opitz. We’d be great if companies would participate in the Open University Day. We do of course not stand charge, but looking forward of course through small sponsorship services of company”, added Bruckner. The Open University Day School of logistics and management is organized annually by the SRH and is to be presented to the College of a wide public.

ASV Hamm

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Compatibility of education and sport in the focus are essential elements which have a significant influence on the development of young people and promote”sport and academic education. So it says in the preamble to the now closed cooperation treaty between the local handball Bundesliga club ASV Hamm Westphalia and the SRH School of logistics and management of Hamm. First goal of both partners is the compatibility of study and elite sport to mutual advantage. We want to expand our involvement in the local sports field to contribute that profiled athletes can focus even more on their training and the upcoming game days. The success of sports clubs across the city, makes the city attractive and all benefit in the end,”said Managing Director Bruckner. The now signed cooperation agreement between SRH – Managing Director Steffen Bruckner and ASV Manager Kay Raikwar foresees promoting an ASV-Bundesliga player through a sports scholarship to the SRH University. Gets the current winter semester a ASV players the possibility of financial support; additional scholarships are provided for the following years. The College wants to facilitate their students access to this sport in return.

In addition to extensive – from the ASV available provided – marketing measures for SRH, the College offers the ASV players and Club members the opportunity such as information events and, where appropriate, taster lectures throughout to take. Common activities and events to promote the work and the perception of the College and of the ASV. We place high importance to the fact that our players prepare also on a successful career after the active sport. The academic environment of the SRH Hamm offers here great possibilities”, so Raikwar. Qualified education and training were crucial determinants of future professional success. The ASV will use the various ways College Hamm the Club offered the SRH.

Opitz School

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Just put and try soon leave the schools and the high school graduates, professional high school graduates and other graduates of the double Abitur year and pushing for the training and college market. Who would like to study, then faces the question: How does studying actually, how are mediated learning, looks like the College of my choice actually and what do you mean it to be a student at a University? To receive not only theoretical answers to these questions, the SRH offers school of logistics and management Hamm from immediate trial and introductory lectures. For up to a week can be mitreinsetzten interested parties and candidates in regular lectures and seminars and follow the academic teaching. Due to the flood of programs on the market, the school graduates with college access permission don’t know often what discipline actually them. Since it close for us, that we allow interested parties, times with us purely to internship”and campus atmosphere to live. So to speak as a small decision support”, said SRH Rector Prof. Dr.

Joachim Opitz. The introductory lectures are regular lectures from the first semesters. Thus it does not matter, emphasises the Rector directly to understand content, but about similarities and differences to the school to identify and to learn how and at what pace the curriculum taught and used as practice-oriented. Just in our private and non-profit institution the atmosphere in small study groups is often much more intense than expected.” Visit the lectures is free of charge and without obligation to as of 30 June.